This product is based on Clinoptilolite.
Clinoptilolite is a natural zeolite comprising a microporous arrangement of silica and alumina tetrahedra. It has the complex formula:
The name is derived from the Greek words klino (κλίνω; “oblique”), ptylon (φτερών; “feather”), and lithos (λίθος; “stone”).
Neozel is recommended to be used PREVENTIVELY with all species and categories of domestic animals to help reduce and neutralize the harmful effects of mycotoxins (to varying degrees – depending on the type and quantity of mycotoxins).
NEOZEL binds mycotoxins together and they are excreted from the bodyFiber and vitamin composition in NEOZEL (in 1kg):
– Clinoptilolite (SiO2 – 40%, A12O3-5%, Fe2O3- 0,5%, CaO- 8%, Na2O- 5%, MgO- 0,3%) – up to 85%
– Vitamin A, E-672, IJ 200.000
– Vitamin E, mg 250.00
– Vitamin B1 mg 100.00
– Vitamin B2 mg 200.00
– Vitamin B6 mg 100.00
– Vitamin C mg 100.00
– Antioxidans min. 300.00
Usage and dosages:
NEOZEL is placed in the complete feed mixtures of all kinds and categories of domestic animals, in an amount of 0,5% (0,5kg of NEOZEL is mixed with 99,5kg of feed or 5kg per tone of animal feed). The quantity to be added depends on the degree of infection caused by mold and mycotoxins