The entire process of production of animal feed, as well as our other products, is automatic and it guarantees adequate use and dosage of various cereals, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.
In this way, we get a finished product that meets all the qualitative and quantitative standards.
Thanks to the modern technology and specialized computer software, the possibility of errors is reduced to a least, and the process of control and monitoring is enough for one person per shift.

“Gebi” company maintains to be high positioned in domestic and regional markets because of constant innovations, primarily pelleting and extrusion processes of the feed.
Today we have a situation that 100 percent of complete production comes in pellet form, to the great delight of our customers.
Regarding extrusion, we are proud to say that we are one of the first manufacturers of animal feed with implemented extrusion in the production.
This process results in a much lighter and more digestible product.
One of the key benefits of the extrusion process is that we do not use artificial flavors, and along with pelletization the produced animal feed has the golden yellowish color and is characterized by the fried smell.
A true confirmation that we draw the right move, by introducing these innovations, we have received on the basis that now instead of one machine at the beginning, now we have 10 modern extruders to satisfy the current demand and the production needs.
Within the factory premises, we have a modern laboratory, made according to all applicable standards.
Daily analysis of all raw materials and accompanying elements is being performed.
One of the main priorities is the constant modernization of each segment of the company.