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I dont even have any more food and am down to around 40hp. I’m going to try protect from magic and make a run around lava maze and make use of my glory at lvl 30 wildy. In the event the revenant left I may go back since that is my fastest way out. Also if I die that is my quickest way back to my tomb since I do not have Historical magicks avtivated. How do I run the obelisk? What world would have a lot of folks around there so it may be more safe for me if a rev has another taret? I see a rev round the entrance to lava maze. Are there other exceptionally patroled rev places to avoid in my way out?

So far I am level 70 with my”Soviet” accounts, with nearly 70 str 56 attck and 40 def. The Dark Bow looks awsome and all the cool items you can use for scope like d hide and a backpack that picks up your steel arrows =] My buddy is Almost lvl 80 range and he says he could hit 40s with D bow. I am almost level 70 str and I am only able to hit 16 with rune scimmy… What Should I Do? Keep My Current Account Or Make A Ranger? And if anything how can I make my current account hit higher? You’ve put a great deal of work into your current account. Why start over? You can merely train scope with your current character.

Assess the Quest Experience guide here on Sal’s to determine which quests give great ranged experience. As soon as you’re good enough, you’ll probably want to do the Ardougne Plague quests to get a Crystal Bow eventually. You are able to train range on whatever you feel like shooting, but Giants make great targets because they have high HP. The Hill Giants in the Edgeville Dungeon create decent beginning targets (once you get a fantastic enough level to kill them), and there is plenty of cover at the east part of the cave. Additionally, at higher levels the Moss Giants close Ardougne are very popular, and in even higher levels, the Fire Giants beneath Baxtorian Waterfall. All the Best!

I want to spend my money on skills to be certain next month I really do nothing but train protection. Ok, I spent approximately 1 week of nonstop money making to get my saradomin sword. I absolutely love it, but there are a few things about it that I do not like. First off, its 10 mil, which is ALL my money, but still have full rune and d boots. Another thing, I really like the particular, but it requires the entire bar… that is bad. I really like how it seems, its a huge sword, and it makes a cool woooosh sound when you attack. The thing that I like about the whip is you can use a shield, that means more shield! As well as the special is very iffy also.

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